Scraye | Rent or let a property in a simple & stress-free way

Renting made simple.

Discover, view and rent a property you love in a simple way—plus, the option for flexible payment terms.

Rent your next home in an easy, transparent way.

Discover homes, request viewings online, submit offers and rent a property easily.

Discover properties for rent you will love.

Navigate detailed profiles built to simplify your search from the start.

Request viewings with a click.

Request one or multiple viewings straight through the portal.

Submit your offer and complete admin online.

Submit offers and all required paperwork in a matter of minutes.

Plus, flexible payment terms if you need them.

Asked to pay upfront? Turn this into instalments instead.

For owners: lettings that maximise your property.

Scraye handles the lettings process from beginning to end to provide a simple, fast and safe experience.

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Be seen by leading letting agents and key portals.

Maximum exposure for your property to find reliable tenants, fast.

Every step of the process handled.

Relax as we handle the process and present you with tenant offers.

Customer service tailored to your needs.

Our team is responsive, friendly and always keeps you in the loop.

Fees that are clear and all-inclusive.

Get full transparency as our fee covers every item. No surprises.

Rent and damage protections included.

Receive a 6 month rent guarantee and £5,000 damage cover for free.

Have the option to get full rent during every void.

With Void Payments, you get rent whenever your property is vacant.

Pay or get paid rent upfront on any tenancy.

Landlords can use Scraye to swap monthly rent into upfront payments. Tenants can pay monthly instead of upfront.

For tenants.

Asked to pay upfront? Turn this into monthly instalments instead.

For landlords.

Get rent paid upfront even when your tenants pay monthly.

For agents.

Help your landlords get paid upfront and tenants pay monthly.


The better way to rent. Explore clear profiles. Book viewings instantly. Simple from search to move-in.

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