Get your landlords paid upfront whilst tenants pay monthly

With Scraye Flexible Rent, we pay your landlord up to 12 months upfront. The tenants continue to pay monthly.

How it works

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Get a quote or pre-approved

Obtain a free quote in minutes or get pre-approved.

Provide documents

We’ll request a few documents to verify our quote.

Number crunching

Our analysis is completed within 24 business hours.

Landlord gets paid upfront

Your landlord gets paid upfront. You pay rent monthly.

Payment options

Receive up to 12 months upfront for a clear, transparent fee—cancel with no penalties or suprises.

3 months

Receive your rent 3 months upfront.


6 months

Receive your rent 6 months upfront.


12 months

Receive your rent 12 months upfront.


Benefits of Scraye Flexible Rent

Get more deals done

Close more lettings by providing better payment terms to both your landlords and tenants.

Earn higher commision

Earn on every tenancy you refer that uses Scraye Flexible Rent. This is on top of any and all other commision you earn on the tenancy.

Available on all tenancies

Scraye Flexible Rent is available on all residential tenancies - not only for new tenancies or properties listed on Scraye.


Scraye allows landlords to get paid upfront on any tenancy or tenants who would ordinarily be asked to pay rent upfront to pay monthly instead. We would use our proprietary system to confirm the tenants’ ability to pay the proposed rent and we would then pay rent upfront to the landlord on their behalf. The tenant would then pay Scraye rent on a monthly basis until the amount of rent paid upfront is repaid.

As the referring agent, you get paid a commission for every tenancy introduced. The commission is paid once an agreement is paid and we have disbursed funds to the landlord.

Each tenancy is unique. Our terms may differ depending on where you are in your tenancy and the risk of termination. If a tenancy break clause is activated during a period of rent paid upfront, we would ask the tenant or landlord to refund Scraye for the rent paid for the period after the property is vacated.


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