Rent with no deposit on Scraye

Rent any property without a security deposit. Qualified tenants can choose to pay a non-refundable 1 week check-in fee instead of a deposit.

Rent with no deposit

Rent a property. Pay a 1 week check-in fee

Rent any property without the need to pay a security deposit.

Scraye pays the security deposit to your landlord

Scraye pays the full deposit to your landlord so they remain protected.

Landlord refunds the deposit to Scraye at end of tenancy

Please note: you remain liable for unpaid rent and any deductions.


With Scraye No Deposit, tenants pay a non-refundable check-in fee equivalent to one week of rent instead of the traditional 5 week security deposit. You can use your holding deposit as payment for the check-in fee, meaning you only need to pay for your rent before moving in.

Our No Deposit solution works on all properties listed on Scraye, provided the tenant is qualified. Landlords still get the protection of the traditional 5 week deposit (paid by Scraye) whilst tenants only need to pay a check-in fee instead of the deposit. At the end of the tenancy, the deposit is refunded to Scraye. The tenant remains liable for any claims for unpaid rent or damages.

Tenants remain liable for any costs at the end of the tenancy such as unpaid rent or damages. In the event of a dispute, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme which initially protected the deposit provided by Scraye will be responsible for adjudicating any claims. Please note: Scraye will receive the deposit refund in full, whereas any claims will be negotiated between the tenant, landlord (and/or managing agent) and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme).

Tenants who pass Scraye's referencing process will automatically be considered eligible for the Scraye No Deposit solution.


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