Landlords | Get paid upfront on any tenancy.

Get paid upfront on any tenancy.

Swap your monthly rent into upfront payments on new and existing tenancies.

Get paid faster.

Your rent paid either 3 or 6 months upfront rather than monthly.

Available on exising tenancies.

Get rent upfront on both new and existing tenancies.

Tenants keep paying monthly.

Get paid upfront and in full. Your tenants still pay monthly.

Your rent paid upfront

Enter your tenancy details to get a quote—no obligation, get started in minutes.

Payment terms that suit your needs.

Choose between receiving rent 3 or 6 months upfront. Pay a clear, low fee—cancel with no penalties.

3 months

Receive your rent 3 months upfront. Your tenants continue paying monthly.


(VAT included)

6 months

Receive your rent 6 months upfront. Your tenants continue paying monthly.


(VAT included)

Would you like to discuss?

Speak to our team to answer any questions or get started with Rent Upfront.

How it works

Choose your option

Select among 3 and 6 months paid upfront.

Internal analysis

Our analysis is completed within 48 business hours.

Get paid upfront

Receive 3 or 6 months paid upfront whilst the tenant continues to pay monthly.

How to qualify

  • To qualify for Rent Upfront as a landlord, we’d ask the below:

  • Proof of ownership

    Confirmation you are the legal owner of the property.

  • Valid tenancy

    An AST or tenancy document that is currently valid and not in breach.

  • Solid referencing or proof of payment

    Choose between providing referencing on the tenants or a schedule of rent payments made to date.

What about break clauses?

If a tenancy breaks during a period paid upfront, you can refund Scraye pro-rata for the period the property is vacant with no penalties and simply restart the process once the next tenancy starts.


Scraye transforms your monthly rental payments into cash upfront. After analysing your tenancy agreement and tenants’ reliability, we pay you the equivalent of several months upfront and take a fee for this service. We then recoup this by collecting rent until the amount paid upfront is recovered.

Any legitimate tenancy with reliable tenants is eligible. Scraye’s internal team analyses each submission and provides a decision within 48 business hours. Currently we operate in London zones 1-2.

Each tenancy is unique. Our terms may differ depending on where you are in your tenancy and the risk of termination.


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